Frank Romeo is a Vietnam veteran who is walking 750-miles across New York State.  Frank suffers from Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder, commonly found in veterans.  Frank's walk is being used to raise awareness of this serious issue.

Frank visited Big Chuck on his radio show Thursday morning to tell his story.  "I believe that I am one of the longest surviving vets with PTSD.  I have been dealing with it for almost 50 years, longer than any clinician has diagnosed it.  Twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day in the United States, so this is a very, very serious problem and I hope to aid in bringing this discussion to the forefront."

Frank invites everybody to join him this Saturday April 6 at 10:00 AM at the Social Security building on Lower Main Street in Oneonta.  From there Frank, who still carries with him several wounds from his time in the Vietnam War, will lead the gathering on the short stroll into Neahwa park where everyone will gather at the Oneonta Veterans Memorial Park.

Once there, Frank will address the gathering and facilitate a conversation among the crowd about PTSD.

Frank began his walk on his 70th birthday, March 1, in Buffalo and hopes to complete his walk in his hometown of Bay Shore , Long Island in a few weeks.