I have been writing about Upstate New York for two decades.  I have written a dozen travel guides, spoken to more than 300 groups, written newspaper columns, and have contributed an uncountable number of words to this website for many years.  At the end of each year we like to showcase our most popular galleries in a review of the year's stories that resounded the most with our readers.  This year we had more than 2,000,000 visitors who read our stories about Upstate New York.  These are the most popular ones I have authored.

The stories list below cover a full rainbow of aspects of Upstate.  We always think we know what our readers want to will like.  And then we "hit a wall" and run out of things to say.  So, why not just do a story about waterfalls?  OK!  I did, and tens of thousands read and commented on it.  You just never know, I guess.

Museums?  Always a favorite, both the well-known ones and the little "unknown and forgotten" museums.  Celebrities?  Yes, Upstate New York had (has) many of them, and stories and articles about their birthplaces, gravesites, and success stories, are always among our most popular galleries (as you will see).  And there are several surprises (both to you and me) that made the list of "most read" stories of the year.

So, we join a ton of other platforms putting out their own year-end lists with our own "Top 12 Upstate Nork Stories" from this writer for the year 2023.

Happy New Year to all!

"Hit List:" The 12 Most Popular Upstate New York Articles For 2023

This writer has been contributing stories, articles, lists, and galleries, all about Upstate New York for more than a decade. At the end of the year, I like to showcase our most popular articles with our readers. Here are the 12 top articles about Upstate New York written by this author in 2023. Thanks for reading!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

10 Of the Most Important Historic Sites To See in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, our state's second-largest city, is replete with historic landmarks from one end to the other. If, by chance, you are visiting on a limited-time schedule, here are ten of the most important sites to put on your bucket list.

They include buildings, museums, a historic restaurant, and one of the most unusual urban landscape highlights you will see anywhere. All are in the Buffalo area, with two spectacular stops just minutes from downtown.

Road warriors take note...some fascinating history took place in the great city of Buffalo!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio