Long before online reviews, and motel booking websites, and hotel points credit cards, we all set out for a family vacation and for the most part just picked out a roadside motel we found and like and then pulled the old station wagon in and stayed for the night.  And, yes, there are still a lot of places like that if you look hard enough.

This gallery looks at a sampling of some pretty neat motels (remember when they called the motor courts?).  Here you will find funky, colorful motels that reflect the past in neon, architectural design, Mid-Century Modern furniture, outdoor patios and playgrounds, and plenty of faux wood paneling.  These can be a lot of fun, in a "throwback kind of way."

The motels on this list cover the whole range of the Upstate New York region, from the Hudson Valley through our mountains and on out through the beautiful Finger Lakes and into Western New York.  Some of them are, naturally, found in typical touristy places like Lake George, Alexandria Bay, and the Niagara Falls area.  Others are a little more off the beaten path.  But, all of them are wonderful.

And remember, if you know of a roadside motel that really tries for the "nostalgia thing," please let us know about it over on our Facebook page.  I am sure there are plenty of these little gems in the small town and villages all across the Upstate New York map.

Check Out These Retro, Funky and Very Cool Upstate New York Motels

As thousands of folks prepare for summertime travel in Upstate New York, for the most part arrangements and reservations will all be done online and taken care of before they put their first suitcase in the car. That was not the case in the old days. Without the benefit of the internet we simply looked around when we got to wherever we were going and found a nice little motel that appealed to us. And those little motels are what this gallery is all about. Here is a selection of fun and quirky off-the-grid motels still out there beckoning travelers to pull in and spend the night. These are fun.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

Upstate New York's Fabulous, Fantastic Carnegie Libraries

The great industrialist Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) decided in the last years of his life to give his money away. And it was a ton of money! It is estimated Carnegie gave away 90% of his $350,000,000 fortune. Carnegie Libraries are a wonderful testament to this great man. He donated funds to build 2,500 public libraries all across the country. More than half of them are still standing. Here are some of the best ones to be found in Upstate New York.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio