OK, this will be a gallery that you will find hard to wrap your head around.

Me too!

Here we spotlight some of the oldest businesses in New York, all of them located in Upstate New York.  The minimum years open to get on this list is 100 years.  As you will see, many, many on the list surpass that by a wide stretch.

The fascinating thing is the wide variety of businesses noted.  How about the oldest Ford dealer in the the state?  Or the second oldest pizza parlor in New York.  Or an orchard that is now being run by the 11th generation of the founding family.  You heard it right...the 11th generation!

The oldest cigar store, oldest hardware store, oldest inn, oldest Irish pub, oldest jewelry store (in a tiny rural village in Delaware County; now that one is an amazing story!), oldest bakery, oldest general store, oldest golf course (two on the list, take a look), and so much more.  Just a wonderful panorama of sturdy family businesses in our region.  The companies on this list make everything from fork lifts, to creamy parmesan spaghetti, to baby cribs, and much more.  This will be a fun reading assignment for you!

These stories are all awesome.  And as usual if you know a business where you live that is at least 100 years old or older, please visit our Facebook page and give it a  shout out.  We know there are dozens and dozens more out there, so we look to you to help us find them!  Thanks in advance.

Amazing! These 35 Upstate New York Businesses Have Been Around for 100 Years....and a Whole Lot More!

This is a remarkable list! These Upstate New York businesses have all been open for business for over 100, 150, 200 years and even longer! Incredible staying power her

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

"Say What?" 21 Of the Most Mangled Town and Village Names in Upstate New York

There are a lot of town names in Upstate New York with a whole lot of unnecessary letters in them. Because the towns and villages were named (for the most part) 200 plus years ago by the Native American tribes who settled here, this leads to many mispronounced (yes, mangled) pronunciations for us all these years later.

This is a list of 21 of the most commonly mangled pronunciations of Upstate town names. Of course, there are many more so we look forward to our readers sharing their own suggestions for "most mangled, mispronounced town names in Upstate New York."

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio