Schenectedy is can be fun, Albany is loaded with history, but Troy is (to me) just a little bit special.

The city, once one of the largest in New York State, has a magical collection of historic places one should consider checking out on their first (or 5th) visit to Troy.

This is a starting point gallery for those coming up to Troy for, shall we say, a summer road trip or even a college or school inspection visit (Russell Sage?  RPI?  Maybe Emma Willard?), or just a curiosity stop for those who have never been here.  The list includes museums, some great historical places (the real "Uncle Sam" is buried here!) and so much more. As you will see, you might scratch your head and say "I never knew that before" while reading along.

For example, did you know that the most famous Christmas poem in the world was first published in a Troy newspaper?  Or did you know that an 1800s iron works factory along the Hudson was the inspiration for the first....Ferris Wheel?  One more?  OK.  Did you know that one of America's most beloved authors lived in Troy for some time and in fact wrote his first two published books in his home here?

These are all great "factoids" that make this city really a surprise fun place to come for a day or weekend.  And, they have lots of great places to eat, drink, and be merry all over the downtown area.

Troy may be the smallest of the three cities in the "Capital District," but it has a mighty history to it and it has some truly great wonders to behold.  For example, you can visit one of the only buildings, a church, that was completely designed by the Tiffany Glass Studio in New York City.  And, brother, on a sunny summer day the interior of this church will take your breath away!

Yes, Troy is a special place!

12 Stops For an Awesome Visit to Troy, NY

This is a gallery of a dozen points of interest around the amazing city of Troy, NY. It is a good starting point for any person going there for the first time.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

Keeping Memories of the Catskill Game Farm Alive! Look at These Photographs!

There is perhaps no greater Baby Boomer memory for Upstate New York kids than a visit to the Catskill Game Farm. At one time, this special place was the largest family-run private zoo in America. It ran from 1933 to 2006.

Today it is still around in a fun and exciting fashion. Yes, today you can spend the night on the grounds of the original game farm and even stay in an original building of the theme park! It has been beautifully restored as a boutique Catskill Mountain inn, it is dripping in nostalgia, and it is awesome!

Look at the photographs below of both the "new" Catskill Game Farm inn, as well as some nostalgic 1950s and 1960s photographs of this wonderful place that we all remember so well.

And if you have memories to share of the Catskill Game Farm, please do so over on our Facebook page!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio