When the call comes in to a law enforcement office, you never know what the caller is reporting.  Something serious?  Life and death?  Something unusual?  How about when the caller reports an animal on the loose? That has happened plenty of times over the years.  Lost cats, dogs, farm animals, bulls, even a herd of bison was reported on the loose in our area a year or so ago.  So while reporting a horse on the loose may not seem that dramatic a call, I always wonder what happened once the officers arrive.

I am only guessing that when New York State Police were dispatched to help round up a loose horse in the Laurens area recently that someone in the responding team may just have been a cowboy deep down inside.  Or maybe even a cowgirl.  In any case, with some coaxing and some fancy rope work, all ended well for the police, the animal's owner, and the horse itself.

Here is the posting from the New York State Police social media pages this morning.  Good job to all involved!

"Oh hay! No horsing around here! Oneonta troopers were dispatched to a report of a loose horse on County Road 11 in the town of Laurens in the wee hours of the morning.  They were able to locate the horse and reunited it with the owner"

The Troopers sent along a photo of the "round up"(see above).

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