Take your Mom on a fascinating walking tour of historic Churchill Park in Stamford this Mothers day.

In 1980 the Churchill Park Historic District was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, after a five year effort spearheaded by Dr. Frank Cyr. He credited Fred Murphy with the step that helped preserve the Rexmere Hotel when it became an educational center. Alas, fire took the Rexmere in 2014, and Dr. Cyr and Mr. Murphy are part of the pantheon of local community leaders who were positive influences and role models for Stamford.
Churchill Park was the dream of Dr. Stephen E. Churchill (1841-1917), one of Stamford's most famous and influential residents.  Dr. Churchill was Stamford's biggest booster and used his fortune to found and build two of the village's largest hotels, bring water and sewage systems to the village, and much more.  When he died in 1917, Dr. Churchill left funds to build the Stamford Village Library, as well as donating his 20 acres of land on the top of Mount Utsayantha for public use (where the Catskill fire tower is now located).
Today the area around Churchill Park, with its lakes and roadways, and gracious homes is the hallmark of Stamford, once called "The Queen of the Catskills."
The walking tour of the district is on Mother's Day, May 9th from 2-4 p.m. rain or shine (& snow). Meet at the Rexmere site. This free event is followed by the exhibit at the Harpersfield Historical Society from 4-5 on the historic tourist hotels & cottages of our area.
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