Oh, the memories.

Today, June 6, is National Drive-In Movie Day.  The number of drive-ins has dwindled down through the years to just a handful in New York State.

The drive-in of my youth was the Unadilla Drive-In, which is still open.  I have wonderful memories of having all the kids pile into the station wagon and heading down NYS Rt. 7 (no I-88 yet) to the drive-in for a night of fun.  The concession food was greasy, cheap and very tasty!

How many remember the old speakers that were attached to the windows of your cars from a pole next to you?  How many little ones (or moms and dads) almost got strangled by those wires?  You could usually get two shows and food for a car full for under ten bucks back in the day.

When the movie ended, somewhere after midnight, we all started the long crawl back home, kids sleeping in the back, parents up front, driving through the fog keeping an eye out for deer along the way.

The memories are still with me.  And the Unadilla Drive-In, first opened on May 19, 1956, is still showing double features well into the 21st Century!  The first movie ever shown at the theater on opening night was "The McConnell Story" starring Alan Ladd and June Allyson.  The second feature was "Chief Crazy Horse," starring Victor Mature.  The food is much better now than it was more than 60 years ago, all served out of a renovated, up-to-date concession stand.

In 1963, New York had over 150 drive-in movie theaters.  Today that number is under 30, a low number but still more than any other state.

What was the drive-in movie theater of YOUR youth?