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fuse ThinkStock

I could never do it.  I tried.  I wanted to do it?  I failed miserably.

I could never tie a bow tie.  Because of my girth, I always thought a bow tie would match my size a little better a\than a long, thin neck tie hanging down 3 feet from my neck.  When I failed to master the art of tying a bow tie I resorted to clip-ons.  That was awful, as they were too obvious.

So, for decades I have admired bow tie wearers, but was never able to wear one myself.

Now....my brother Jimmy.  He wears a bow tie to his job in Houston every day.  At weddings, funerals, family soirees we always expect Jim to show up in a hand-tied bow tie. He must have 100 of them

It irritates me.....