By: Kelli Whitman (Townsquare Media Intern)

With the weather changing, it always seems like that time that everyone around you is sick, and maybe you are even feeling sick yourself. The temperature change creates a new environment for different germs to thrive in causing people to get sick and quickly spread their germs. Here are some tips I follow from to prevent that fall cold!

Wash your hands…all the time! This is the easiest way to pass along germs from one person to another. So every time you shake someone’s hand or come in contact with something that a lot of people touch (ex. door knobs) be sure to wash or sanitize those hands. Try to keep sanitizing gel or wipes in your bag and/or at your workplace.

Exercise. Working out improves your fitness overall, and strengthens your immune system too. It will also make you feel more energized and happy throughout the day.

Keep your food healthy too. It’s important to maintain a healthy diet all the time, but especially cold and flu season. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are what keep your body healthy. A well balanced diet gives your body the nutrition and fuel to ward off any unwanted visitors.

Be sure to get enough sleep. When your body isn’t well-rested, you can’t fight as hard against intruding germs. Especially if you are already feeling sick, this is even more important!

Stay hydrated. Dehydration can easily occur if you are feeling under the weather. Be sure to be drinking water constantly throughout the day. Another good idea is to drink green tea with lemon and honey. Two cups of this a day always makes me feel better when I’m feeling under the weather!

Stay healthy this season, everyone!