There is a New York State law in place about your phone that has seemingly flown under the radar.

On June 3, Governor Kathy Hochul passed a law that requires most consumer electronics to come with free technical and repair manuals and free software diagnostics. It also mandates that repair tools and spare parts must be readily available for a reasonable price.

Even though the law was passed in the summer, many New Yorkers don't seem to know about it, and concerns are still growing over how this will affect the industry as a whole.

It caused concerns over what will happen with places that repair phones. Some companies have already implemented self-repair programs such as Apple, which is fine for a multi-million dollar company, but what happens to the guy running the little kiosk at the mall? Now obviously there's going to be a huge amount of people who simply don't have the know-how or just don't trust themselves to work on their own phones, so these small stores and kiosks will still be relevant, but they will surely lose some business. It is also worth mentioning that there are likely going to be repairs that are beyond the capabilities of the average consumer.

This does make a lot of other consumers hopeful, however, as it gives them the opportunity to save a lot of money by repairing their own phone as opposed to having to take it in and pay each time their screen gets a tiny crack. A lot of these repairs are also a high price that consumers dislike having to pay, but is necessary because phones are essential in this day and age.

Be on the lookout for these changes next time you buy a phone.

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