Everybody loves a farmers market.  They enliven the small towns and villages across Upstate New York all through the growing season.  And many of the bigger cities too.

In small small. rural areas of the region, these markets offer a chance for locals to buy fresh produce, fruits and staples in their supermarket-starved areas.

This list of 21 farmers markets, scattered in virtually every corner of Upstate New York, is representative of the hundreds that exist today.  Almost every town, even little map dots, haul out the farm bounty and set up a table or stand in town somewhere maybe a couple of hours each week.  Obviously we couldn't list them all.

At those on this list you will see what really makes these markets special places.  The variety of goods is amazing.  Dairy products, fresh produce, farm-grown beef, fresh stream-trout, jellies and jams, homemade candles, Alpaca wool products, delicious Amish baked good, craft items, art work, homemade jewelry and so much more.

So the season is upon us.  Go and support your local farmers' market this weekend.

Shop local, eat healthy!

From the Fields to Your Table These Are 21 Great New York Farmers Markets

Throughout the vast Upstate New York region, many people wait for those special days when the local farmers' markets are open to shop for fresh produce and other goodies. Our bounty is unsurpassed when it comes to growing things! While we know there are hundreds of farmers' markets throughout the state (virtually every town has one), here are 21 that we think deserve your attention.

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