Each fall, we all are looking for the best view to enjoy our splendid Upstate New York autumnal bliss.  Maybe a forest, certainly a waterfall, maybe a state park, maybe an old dirt road, maybe a city sidewalk.  The leaves are beautiful and fall is fantastic (when it finally gets to Upstate New York).

Here we showcase the fall chairlift rides at some of Upstate New York's best family ski resorts.  Take a chairlift up (usually 10-15 minutes) and then step off at the summit and drink in the crazy quilt of colors which surround you.  It is an awesome thing to do each fall.

These ski resorts offer ski lift rides, fall festivals, and sometimes even events at the top of the mountain.  Each gallery listing has a direct link to the ski resort for more information.

Keep one thing in mind, though.  Our fall season is very short in the region, with peak leaf season even shorter.  So usually these ski lift rides "to the top" only run through October.  Then the ski slopes must turn their attentintion from Mother Nature to Old Man Winter and get ready for the throngs who will come and ski.  So check before you go to make sure the lifts are running at the time you are looking at.  Again, the window is very short!

Good luck, and if you can get up the hill this fall you are guaranteed to see Upstate New York at its very best!

Upstate New York Ski Resorts Offer an "Eye in the Sky" Each Autumn!

Everybody is trying to find that "just perfect" place to enjoy the splendor of an Upstate New York fall season. May we suggest you take a ride on a ski lift to the top of any of our wonderful ski mountains? The view is waiting for you!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

11 Old Upstate Train Stations and Firehouses That Are Now Restaurants

The time comes in every small town in Upstate New York when they must look to giving up the ghost with their old train stations and firehouses. Time has passed these important places for the most part, and (in the case of the old firehouses), new, more modern ones must be built.

So, what to do with the old buildings?

Well, many communities have sold off their "old stock" of train depots and fire stations to private citizens who have breathed new life into the structures as modern, delicious, and very popular restaurants.

Here are some very old train depots and fire stations (some more than 150 years old), that
are now vital places in their communities, serving up delicious meals, a place for high-end cocktails, a venue for live entertainment, and more. And to the credit of almost each of these listed in this gallery, they have all managed to modernize these old buildings while leaving important nuances reflecting back on the DNA of their past, back to when the conductor used to holler "All Aboard" and to when the fire trucks barreled out the huge front doors answering the call in the neighborhood.

I think you will enjoy this list!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio