Buffalo is one great American city.

First a little background.  As a writer of many Upstate New York books, I have traveled extensively around the state for more than ten years.  I live in the foothills of the Catskills, so my travels to Buffalo, for research and promotion, have always been highly anticipated by me.  I have visited the city 6 times in the past 5 years.  So, yes, I am a newcomer and definitely not a Buffalo expert.

Still, I would ask your help on this list.  Here are a 14 great reasons why I am a fan of the great city of Buffalo.  It has a lively pub and restaurant vibe, great museums and culture, amazing history both for the state and the country, a waaay-crazy sports DNA, and a lot of natural beauty if you look for it.

So, here are 14 things that have stuck out to me during my 6 visits to the city.  This is NOT a "best of" list.  For sure.  But rather it is a list of my favorites.  I offer this list up in hopes that the readers from Buffalo, or frequent visitors to it, can make suggestions for my next visit to the city, which will certainly come within the next few months.

So let me hear from you!  I am always looking for a new experience, a new museum, a new pub, a new wacky activity, a new place for a Beef on Weck, or a cup of coffee, etc.

Again, I sincerely look forward to your comments on this gallery.  Are these the best?  I can guarantee you I can get an argument on almost everyone of them.  But, these are my favorites (so far) and I look to you giving me some tips on how to make my next visit to this exciting place more memorable.

Why Buffalo Is Such a Great City (And It is Not the Snow)

The city of Buffalo is one of the great cities in the U.S. Here are are 14 reasons why I love Buffalo. Can you give me any more?

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