Have you ever wondered about Oneonta's oldest businesses and if they are still operating?  After consulting Oneonta's very own historian, Mark Simonson, I discovered that many of Oneonta's oldest businesses are still in operation.  Some of those businesses have changed locations but they are still alive and well to this day.  Below, check out the ten oldest Oneonta businesses...

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    The Daily Star

    The Daily Star was originally called The Oneonta Star and the first edition was published by Harry W. Lee on June 19, in 1890.  It served Oneonta and the Susquehanna Valley

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    The Oneonta Normal School (SUNY Oneonta)

    SUNY Oneonta had it's humble beginnings in 1889 as The Oneonta Normal School.  It was located at the top of Maple Street in Oneonta.

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    A. O. Fox Memorial Hospital

    A. O. Fox Memorial Hospital was was built in 1900 with the help of Colonel Reuben Fox, a well known local politician and businessman who felt that Oneonta needed a community hospital.  He offered up $10,000 as a memorial to his wife if the city of Oneonta would provide the building site.

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    Bookhout Funeral Home

    Bookout Funeral Home, located at 357 Main Street in Oneonta, began serving the Oneonta area in 1917.

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    J.C. Penney

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    Hartwick College

    Hartwick was founded back in 1797 in Hartwick Seminary but it came to Oneonta in 1927 and opened its doors as a four-year college in 1928.

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    Stringer's Body Shop

    Stringer's Body Shop at 155 River Street has been serving the Oneonta community since 1943.

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    Gordon B. Roberts Agency

    The Gordon B. Roberts Agency opened in Oneonta in 1947 providing insurance coverage and continues to this day at 24 Watkins Ave.

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    Drogen's Electric Supply

    Drogen's Electric Supply was opened in 1949 by Paul and Mildred Drogen.  The store was located on Main Street and moved a few times after that.as the business grew.  It currently located at 244 River Street.

  • 1949: The photograph above shows the first order with the Government of Cuba for 36 multi-phasic health clinics.This was the first large multiple-mobile-medical-unit order of its kind. Credit: www.medcoach.com

    Medical Coaches

    Medical Coaches, located at 399 County Road 58 in Oneonta is one of the world's largest specialized mobile medical unit manufacturers in the world.  It was.started by Ian Smith in 1949 when he had an opportunity to provide the Government of Cuba with 36 multi-phasic health clinics.