Last year was a such and isolating, disappointing year filled with COVID-19 related event cancellations for Oneonta and the rest of the world. One of my favorite events fell victim in 2020 to the pandemic: TEDxOneonta, an uplifting, non-profit event that brings in inspirational speakers from across the globe to share amazing, positive ideas.

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Every time I have attended this event, I always leave feeling inspired, excited and ready to do anything I can to make the world just a little bit better. It's the best feeling, even better than going to concert of a favorite music artist which is truly saying something!

TEDxOneonta is an independently organized event, but falls under the regulations put forth from the National TED conference. The idea is to bring ideas worth spreading from carefully chosen, quality speakers to a local audience, giving attendees a TED-like experience. The "x" in TEDx means that it's an independently organized and subject to the rules and regulations set forth by the TED organization.

Dan Buttermann, TEDxOneonta Co-Founder and Executive Producer says that TEDxOneonta will return with a live, limited in-person event on September 24 in Oneonta (venue to be announced) featuring five to 6 speakers from across the United States. This year's theme according to TEDxOneonta Co-Founder and Lead Curator Lisa Samols is “Changing World”. Considering that we are still on our way out from under a pandemic, this theme couldn't be more fitting. Samols says, "The world is changing fast, and we are honored to have big thinkers ready to shape a bright future and share their ideas with us."

According to organizers, leading up to the event, the public will be able to view short, talk previews featuring  exciting ideas from the upcoming speakers at the TEDxOneonta event.

More information on the 2021 speakers, along with venue location, ticket pricing (limited seating due to COVID), COVID-19 restrictions, and more event related content will be forthcoming at and on the TEDxOneonta facebook page.

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