The City of Oneonta has contracted with McFarland Johnson of Binghamton to complete a Master Plan Update for the Oneonta Municipal Airport. The Airport’s Master Plan is a document that the City is required to develop and update by the Federal Aviation Administration and reviews and considers potential uses of the Airport, as well as their impacts on current facilities and requirements for additional facilities, over the next 20 years.

As part of the Master Plan Update, McFarland Johnson is reviewing the current use of the Airport, including the types of users and the frequency of use, as well as developing forecasts of future use of the airport and factors that may encourage or limit use of the Airport over the next 20 years. McFarland Johnson has developed a survey for the local business community to review the current aviation demand from local businesses, current use of the Oneonta Municipal Airport, and potential use into the future. This survey will help McFarland Johnson and the City as they progress the Master Plan Update and develop recommendations for facility maintenance and improvements to accommodate the forecasted use of the Airport

Please use this survey link to participate in survey. Thank you for your participation!