I hadn't been up to the campus of SUNY Oneonta in quite some time.  But yesterday, under beautiful blue skies, I had a chance to wander the campus for a bit.  It was quite an eye opener!

The campus is, quite simply, a stunner.  New buildings, such as the Red Dragon Outfitters and the Welcome Center, are dramatic additions to the campus layout.  The landscaping, on this gorgeous weather day, was lush and attractive. Some of the old landmarks remain, such as the original Old Main pillars, adding a unique contrast between the old and the new.  It was moving out day so the campus was buzzing with activity.

I got a coffee at Starbucks at the Hunt Union Center (yes, a Starbucks!) and spent a half hour re-introducing myself to the SUNY Campus.

Needless to say, I was greatly impressed.  Here are some photos I snapped.

A view of the center quad from the steps to the new Welcome Center
The all new SUNY Red Dragon Outfitters Center
The Red Dragon OUtfitters building houses the new, school store and the Damascene Book Center
The new Red Dragon bookstore is one of the busiest places for students on the campus
The campus dazzled on a beautiful spring afternoon
The new Welcome Center makes a dramatic exclamation point at one of the highest areas of the main campus
The Welcome Center is one of the newest additions to the SUNY Oneonta campus
The interior of the Welcome Center offers floor to ceiling windows showing off views of the campus and the beautiful hills surrounding the city of Oneonta
The Welcome Center offers an attractive gathering place for new visitors to the campus
The old and the new. The new campus Welcome Center towers above the two original "Old Main" pillars from the first SUNY Oneonta campus!
The center quad is quite literally the "Crossroads of The Campus"
A great panoramic view of the track and field, the softball fields and, high above it all, the new student dorm apartments.
A poignant memorial to those who died in the terrorist attack on 9-11. Each person had a connection with the SUNY Oneonta campus.