Going back to school can be an exciting time.  For children, teachers and, yes, even parents.  The annual rite of passage finds families scurrying about checking off school supply lists, getting the annual new school clothes, figuring out class and sports schedules, and a whole lot more.  Sadly, this year it will also mean Covid concerns, a change in "normal," uncertainty, and other unknowns.  With Covid still on the loose, schools are being extra cautious for the upcoming year.  The New York State education Department is taking the lead in addressing these issues.

Towards the aim of keeping students and staff healthy and safe, being responsive to student needs, and maximizing in-person teaching and learning, the New York State Education Department today released a health and safety guide to help schools and school districts as they plan for the 2021-22 school year.  The health and safety guide provides schools with a resource to safely start the school year and sustain the educational process in a manner that serves all students and supports their return to in-person learning in partnership with the communities they serve.  The guide is based on the best health and safety information currently available and will be updated as public health conditions change.

“As we prepare for schools to reopen in September, our priority must be to provide leaders with access to information about practices that have proven effective throughout the pandemic,” said Chancellor Lester W. Young.  “The Department’s health and safety guide is a concise resource that will assist districts as they mitigate risks to the health and safety of students, teachers and school staff while providing flexibility for schools to address their own unique circumstances in a manner that best meets the needs of all students.”

We wish everybody  good luck in the upcoming school year.  For more details CLICK HERE.

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