Sidney has recently opened up its history museum in a new downtown location.  The Sidney Historical Society has seen several address changes recently but are now firmly planted in downtown Sidney and they hope everyone will stop in and see all the historical treasures on display.

The new home is located at the former MIrabito Fuel Group office sites at 44 Grand Street in downtown Sidney.

Karen Cycon, the group's president, told me, "We are so lucky to have this wonderful new building.  It is all on one floor, is handicapped accessible and gives us room to really display so many of our great items."  I aske dmuseum director Susan Sklenarik what was her favorite item and she said, "Well, it is not here just yet.  But we have Dr. Elliott's "famous" old grandfather clock that stood in his office on Main Street for nearly 70 years.  We are still trying to find the perfect place for it.  But it is wonderful and so many people will remember it."

Teri Schunk, vice-president of the Sidney Chamber of Commerce, told me, "We are all so delighted to have this great new addition to our downtown area.  The history of Sidney needs to be told in a downtown venue and we think this place is perfect.  I hope everybody stops in and revisits their own old memories of our beloved hometown."

Currently the museum is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  The Sidney Historical Society website can be found at

Take a look at the photos I took during my visit today.  Who knows, maybe you or a member of your family is in one of them!

The actual "house call bag" of legendary Sidney physician Dr. Loomis
1958 Sidney Emergency Squad
Vintage SHS school hats
More SHS memorabilia
The Sidney Football Cardinals
There are many group photos from the World War II era. Is one of your family members in them?
Susan Sklenarik (left) museum director, and Karen Cycon, historical society president.
Who remembers the Hillcrest Roller Rink?
Sidney Chamber of Commerce vice-president Teri Schunk stands next to large portrait of legendary Troop C head Captain Dan Fox
There are many old photos of Troop C and Sidney police force
There is a large collection of awards won by Captain Dan Fox and his fabled Spotted Horse Troop C
The old photos of Sidney through the years are sentimental to look at
The history of the Sidney Airport is well documented here
Lots of memories of Sidney when it was a railroad town
How many remember when Sidney was featured in the Saturday Evening Post as "The Village We Can't Do Without?"
Magnetos? Yup..Sidney has them!
Maybe we were not Detroit...but Sidney DID make a car once!
Aerial view of 1940s Scintilla plant