The Sidney "Backpack Program" is an organization which helps provide items for young people who are in need.

St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Sidney is soliciting donations for the Sidney Elementary School Backpack program. This program gives food to students who do not get enough to eat over the weekend. These students are selected for food-seeking behaviors - they may seem especially hungry on Monday, ask other students if they are going to eat all their food, or keep food in their pockets to eat at home. The backpack program sends a backpack home with the children on Friday that has at least 2 breakfast items, a protein, 2 entrees, grain, fruit, and a treat. The children bring the packs back on Monday.

The cost per student is $183 a year.  In the past the program has supported up to 17 students for a total cost of over $3000. The food pick-up, packing of bags, inventory of food, and delivery to the school is all done by volunteers from St. Luke's and the community.  The group is currently looking to accommodate 20 students.

Even though St. Luke’s is currently administrating it for the community it is a community-based program not officially affiliated with any religious institution.