We all want to help out our great first responders.  Police, medical, ambulance, firefighters, we all have a soft heart for these brave souls who protect us and our communities.  So when a telephone caller identifies themselves as a representative of one of those groups and they begin asking you for monetary donations, it is easy to just say yes.  But please....beware!  Everything is not always what it seems to be.

Sheriff Craig S. DuMond has issued a public awareness bulletin with tips on protecting yourself from fraudulent fundraising calls that are being received in the county.
The Delaware County Sheriff's Office was recently notified by a resident of the receipt of a scam fundraising call.
The resident had received a telephone call from an individual claiming to be National Fireman’s Association aggressively soliciting the intended victim’s personal identifying information as well as a monetary donation. In this case, the caller terminated the call after their solicitation attempts were unsuccessful.
Every day, police, firefighters and emergency medical workers risk their lives to make our communities safer. To show your support, you may immediately consider making a monetary donation when you receive an unexpected call from someone requesting donations for a police, fire or other first responder agency or organization.
Sheriff DuMond reminds you that simply having the words “police”, “firefighter” or “emergency responder” in an organization’s name does not mean police, firefighters or emergency medical workers are members of the group, or that it is a legitimate, recognized organization.
DuMond offers several helpful tips to help you try and figure out if a solicitor is in fact exactly who they say they are.  Click here to get more information.
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