Everybody in our listening area is over the moon with the fact that our area's fairs are back for 2021 for the most part.  Sheriff Craig DuMond is excited that once again, following a long tradition, the Delaware County Sheriff's Office will play a key role in providing a safe fair experience for families who attend.  Some of the tips are purely common sense but others have a more serious background to them.

In a statement on the sheriff's social media page, DuMond says:
 "We are extremely pleased that the 134th Annual Delaware County Fair is set to take place from August 16th – 21st, 2021. The Fair is as much a part of our agency history, as it is for our county and the communities that are deep seated in agricultural history. It may also delight some of you to know that as usual, The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office will be actively patrolling around the Fairgrounds and parking lot all week to help ensure the public’s safety and welfare.
In anticipation of an enjoyable fair event, we’d like to offer a few tips to help keep you all safe and healthy during this year’s event.  Please ensure that you have checked the weather for Walton, NY and are adequately prepared for the forecasted weather on whichever day you choose to attend.
The Fair is exciting and we understand that you want to be in attendance, but if you feel sick, please stay home.
If you require handicap parking, please ensure that your official Handicap Parking placard/permit is out and visible upon entrance into the parking lot, so that the parking attendants can easily direct you to the appropriate parking location.
Please ensure your vehicle is locked and any valuable personal property within, is out of sight. Neither the Delaware County Fair nor the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office are financially responsible for lost, stolen or missing items. If you don’t need it, it’s probably best to leave it at home."
Sheriff DuMond also offered several other guidelines for a safe trip to the Fair this year.  To see his entire public statement visit the Delaware County Sheriff's Office Facebook page by clicking here.
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