Here is a statement from Duncan Davie, Sen. Jim Seward's Chief of Staff;

“I am glad to announce on behalf of Mrs. Seward and her family that Senator Seward was moved out of intensive care (ICU) late Tuesday night due to his improving condition. He continues to recover from COVID-19 at Albany Medical Center under the care of his physician and will convalesce at home as soon as it is deemed appropriate to do so.

“Cindy Seward and her family express their profound gratitude to the medical team that has attended Sen. Seward during his illness. Cindy is particularly appreciative of the loving care lavished on the COVID-19 patients at Albany Med. They are deeply grateful to both friends and strangers who have prayed intensely for Senator Seward’s recovery, and give praise and thanks to God for his Providential care. Many, many constituents of the senator’s, colleagues, acquaintances, and others have expressed love, support and prayers during the past two weeks, and Cindy and the family are very thankful. The letters, e-mails, calls to the office, and expressions mean so much because the family has been unable, due to Cindy’s COVID-19 status, to be together.

“Having been through this double-whammy with COVID, Cindy asks for prayers for all COVID-19 patients and their caregivers. She urges everyone to take it seriously – to use all recommended precautions, and to help our neighbors.

“On behalf of the senator’s staff, we are grateful to God beyond words, and relieved, that our mentor, friend and leader is recovering.”