New York State Senator Peter Oberacker saw two of his sponsored bills get approved by the Senate this week.

One will impact the Oneonta City School District.  Oberacker's bill (S-396) preserves $400,000 in state transportation aid due to the school district.  This corrects a clerical error in aid due to the school.

Sen. Oberacker said, "“This is the first bill I introduced as a state senator and it embodies one of my main priorities – to assist our local schools and municipalities when they are in need,” said Senator Oberacker. “Without this piece of legislation, the Oneonta City School District would be facing a $400,000 hit on their budget that would be devastating for the school, local taxpayers, and most importantly our students.”

A second bill that Oberacker sponsored would name a portion of New York State Route 51 in the Town of Butternuts that will honor the service of Army Specialist-4 Richard Walton, Jr. who served valiantly during the Vietnam War and was killed in action on February 6, 1970 when a rescue helicopter he was a passenger in crashed.  Walton served as a medic and was just 19 years old at the time of his death.

Sen. Oberacker commented on this honor:  “Every man and woman who wears a United States military uniform sacrifices for our nation and our way of life, some, like Army Specialist Walton, make the ultimate sacrifice.  SP-4 Walton served to help others – ‘carrying a needle instead of a gun,’ as he put it.  It is my humble honor to help keep his memory alive and ensure that others know what Richard Walton Jr. meant to his hometown of Gilbertsville and his country,”

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