The New York State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services has announced $10 million in grants to counties to strengthen emergency response through improvements to 911 response and emergency service dispatch operations. Over $600,000 in funding will be provided to the 42nd State Senate District through the Public Safety Answering Points Operations Grants.

“Counties provide the majority of 911 answering and dispatching operations, coordinating services among municipal, county, and state responders,” said Senator Jen Metzger. “This funding will help defray the costs of needed investments and improve emergency response at the local level.”

The grant is non-competitive and formula-based, with funding distributed among participating counties based on a county's operational scope, demographic factors, and emergency services call metrics. Funding to the 42nd district includes $149,337 for Delaware County, $167,029 for Orange County, $165,084 for Sullivan County, and $123,664 for Ulster County. The annual grant allows for state reimbursement to counties for eligible public safety expenses, including operating expenses, upgrades to dispatching technology, and investment in such services as text messaging, data communication, and geo-location.