Word to the wise: don't try to use counterfeit money or you will be arrested, especially if the owners of Schneider's Bakery in Cooperstown are on the case. They had an incident at their bakery on Tuesday where a couple came into the shop, made a small purchase with a fake $100 bill, and left the shop with the change from $100.

The owners of the bakery only discovered the crime after going through the day's receipts, spotted the counterfeit bill, and then reviewed surveillance video footage from that day. Wait until you find out what they did from there to make sure the scammers would answer for their crime! Below is a Facebook post about the case from Schneider's Bakery...

It's so great that Schneider's Bakery received satisfaction from this and it's clear that without their persistence in catching this criminal, he and his partner would have continued to bilk other local businesses in the area out of their hard-earned money!

It's not known if the other person involved was found. Information regarding the man arrested has not been released by police.

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