The long expected journey to a merger between two area schools has taken another step forward.  This week the Boards of Education at both Schenevus Central School and Worcester Central School voted to put the question of the school merger up to a public vote.

These two small school districts, located just five miles apart in southeastern Otsego, County have been under the merger microscope for several years.  Only recently has the focus become a near reality as schools face dwindling enrollment issues and financial stresses.  Merger talks of these two schools came to a head about a year ago, and after months of public meetings and merger forums, it is now time for the residents of both communities to have their say.

The first step in the public involvement of the merger issue will be a straw vote which will take place in both Schenevus and Worcester to get the feelings of the residents on record.  This advisory referendum will take place on September 22, 2021.

Pending the results of this first public vote, a second referendum will be offered up for the voters to decide upon on December 3, that is if the majority of both school districts vote for the merger.

So it is decision time for these two small neighboring school districts.  If a majority votes for the school merger it will become a reality and will be put on the calendar.  If the districts vote no on the merger plan, both schools will remain intact as is and will look to the future for whatever assistance that can avail themselves of.

We encourage everybody in these two school districts to get involved, research the future plans and get out and vote.  For details and more information visit

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