It's been a very challenging and disappointing time during the COVID-19 pandemic for high school seniors everywhere since so many of their fun activities have had to be cancelled. The graduating Schenevus Central School seniors decided that since they couldn't use their class money to make a trip to Great Escape in Saratoga due to it being closed, they would donate those funds to local non-profits in need.

According to Schenevus Central School District officials, the class money totalled $1500 and was divided between the Susquehanna SPCA, the Maryland Fire Department and Opportunities for Otsego's Emergency Shelter.  Class members say things get taken away from people every day so it’s a good thing to give back.

Abby Merwin, Patricia Biegel, Victoria Biegel and Emily Craig present a $500 check to Toya Lane-Bowden of Opportunities of Otsego (Credit: Schenevus Central School District, facebook)
A Schenevus graduating senior presents a donation to Stacie Haynes of the Susquehanna SPCA (Credit: Schenevus Central School District, facebook)