A few years ago, TV Guide listed what they thought were the 50 greatest TV shows in history.  The Twilight Zone came in at #26.  You will get no argument from me on that!

Rod Serling's TV masterpiece, The Twilight Zone, is a distinct and wonderful memory for this (and all) Baby Boomers.  I never missed an episode, as I wrestled the TV channel button away from my parents' preferred programming, and settled in for a fantastical journey into another world.  His stories were incise, unpredictable, and employed very sophisticated special effects ( that is if you consider rubber masks, and fake alien outfits sophisticated; and we do consider that so!).  And all were very entertaining.  Especially to a 12 year old!

Serling has deep roots in Upstate New York having been born in Syracuse, raised and schooled in Binghamton, taught classes in Ithaca, and rests eternally just north of Ithaca in a cemetery in Interlaken, NY.

Read this gallery and reminisce, remember, and pine for the old days as we pay tribute in text and video clips, of a man who left a large footprint in the world of entertainment, and yet a man who lived and prospered among us for many years.  A legend we are proud to call "our own."

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Upstate Legends! Rod Serling, "Gatekeeper to the Twilight Zone"

A few years ago, TV Guide magazine listed the Top TV shows of all time. The Twilight Zone came in at #26. Rod Serling, the genius behind this classic Baby Boomer program was born in Syracuse, lived and went to school in Binghamton, he passed away in Monroe County, and is buried in Seneca County. The city of Binghamton remembers him with historical markers, famous sites (including his boyhood home) and a museum to his storied career. This beloved son of Upstate New York is a towering figure in the world of entertainment and we are proud to claim him as "our own." Read the story of this television icon below.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

Upstate Legends! A Look Back at Freihofer's Baking Company

This is part of a series of galleries in which we will take a photographic journey through the back story of some great Upstate New York legends. This post concerns Freihofer's Baking Company, which had a huge footprint in the Capital District of New York.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

Upstate Legends! Bresee's Department Store in Oneonta!

This is another addition to our series on Upstate Legends! This gallery looks at one of the most famous stores in Central New York. Bresee's Department Store was a retail icon for more than 90 years in Oneonta. It had 745,000 square feet of retail space, one of the first escalators in Central New York, and perhaps the most beloved lunch counter of them all! Look at these great photos!

(Although commonly known as the Oneonta Department Store, we refer to it in this gallery as Bresee's Department Store)

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio