The village of Lake Placid is one of the most historic, and most visited, small communities in Upstate New York.  As host of two major sporting events, the Winter Olympic Games of 1932 and 1980, many around the world already know of this little gem of a place tucked away in the High Peaks region of New York.

There are many great things to see and do when visiting Lake Placid, and we have supplied you with a list of a dozen ways to enjoy a short two-day visit here. These events include a narrated boat ride around the lake, a visit to Santa's Workshop at the North Pole, a trip up to the "top of the world," and a lunch stop for some lip-smacking homemade barbecue.

We have not listed all of the many Olympic sites that you can visit and tour.  We did, however, add a link to a comprehensive website that will tell you of these venues, where they are, hours, how to get tickets, etc.  Also it will tell you what is currently open and what is not.  Lake Placid is once again getting ready to hit the international spotlight as it prepares to host the 2023 World University Games in the village, so renovations are under way!

Also on this list we have included a few places to see in Wilmington and Saranac Lake.  Both places are within 10 minutes from downtown Lake Placid.

Lake Placid is totally a four-season destination.  It is busy in all seasons, and for good reason.  Did you know that Lake Placid was the very first winter resort in the United States?  Still, putting the skis and bobsleds aside for a minute, many people head to the village to enjoy the autumnal bliss of the mountains around Lake Placid.  The fall colors will take your breath away!

So, road trip time!  Onward to Lake Placid,  Upstate's very own "Olympic Village."

HOP IN THE CAR AND DRIVE... 12 Ways To Make Your Visit To Lake Placid Extra Special

Looking for things to do in Lake Placid, New York? Here are the 12 of the greatest things to add to your list.

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