Today, Representative Antonio Delgado (NY-19) held a roundtable at Opportunities for Otsego, Inc in Oneonta with the board of directors, senior staff, and Oneonta Mayor Gary Herzig to discuss their work to combat poverty and assist low-income communities in Otsego County.

“Today’s conversation was illuminating and deeply important to understand the headwinds facing thousands of Upstate New Yorkers experiencing poverty and homelessness. I thank the Opportunities for Otsego staff and board of directors as well as Mayor Herzig for being so generous with their time today on such a critically important matter.” Delgado continued, “Combating inequality is essential for economic growth in our region and I immensely appreciate the work of organizations like Opportunities for Otsego, which focus their efforts on supporting disadvantaged communities. I look forward to continuing to work alongside them to address inequality and support economic growth in Otsego County.”

“Opportunities for Otsego, Inc. was honored to have Rep. Delgado meet with its board of directors and senior staff to discuss the many challenges facing low income constituents in Otsego. I was thoroughly impressed that he took the time to listen to each of the 25 participants’ stories about issues impacting the poor,” said Opportunities for Otsego, Inc CEO Daniel Maskin.

Oneonta Mayor Gary Herzig said, “Today, I observed Congressman Delgado spend more than two hours listening and learning about the needs of Oneonta and Otsego County’s most vulnerable residents. The Congressman was fully engaged in discussing the issues relating to daycare, rural transportation, affordable housing, domestic violence, and the need for a comprehensive energy policy to create jobs and housing using renewable energy sources. I thank Congressman Delgado for his concern and commitment to those in our community striving to raise healthy families with safe housing and good jobs.”

Congressman Delgado represents the eighth most rural district in Congress and the third most rural district represented by a Democrat. This week, Representative Delgado’s in-district work week is focused on affordable housing and addressing poverty and services for low-income communities across the district.