My old friend Joe Pidgeon died on July 14, 2021.  Joe was one of my longest listeners.  Our paths crossed many times over my 33 years on the radio.  He was a stand-up guy, as honest as the day is long, a man who dedicated his life to his family, friends, and the City of Oneonta.  Although I am sure he would admit that one of his greatest loves was the Oneonta Fire Department.  He gave 34 yeas of his life serving the City of the Hills with the OFD retiring with the rank of Captain.

I had many great conversations with Joe over the years, particularly on my Big Chuck Buses.  Joe and his wife Donna, were diehard members of the Big Chuck Bus Brigade and must have gone on at least 20 of my weekend trips with us.

During the ride, at our breaks along the way, and at night after our big dinners, Joe and I would usually find each other and share stories about almost everything.  He always seemed to me to be much younger than he was, with a definite "boyish" quality about him.  I looked forward to these visits over the many years and really came to enjoy his company.

When we met on the street after he retired he was always ready with a smile and a "Hi, young fella" and always had a minute to share a quick story or two.  He always asked about my wife, Trisha, and my family.  I haven't seen Joe in a couple of years, but the news of his passing brought back a lot of great memories "along the road" of one of Oneonta's genuine nice guys.

Joe was a graduate of Oneonta High School and was very active in OHS alumni events.

A graveside service will be held 11 a.m., Saturday, July 24, 2021 Mt. Calvary

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