If you have tickets for the Rangers vs. Devils pre-season game scheduled at the Times Union Center in Albany be ready to get a refund.

The folks running the TU Center expect to hear from the NHL as to whether the game scheduled for September 26th will be canceled due to the third labor stoppage under commissioner Gary Bettman.

The league and the NHL Players Association are fighting about how to divide the $3.3 billion in revenues. Tickets for the game are currently not being sold as sales have been suspended. Last year the two rivals played at the TU Center in an exhibition game and drew 9,400 fans.

If the game is cancelled, and from where I sit it will be cancelled as their is little hope of the season starting anytime soon, it will be the second sport in two years to have labor issues cancel a pre-season game scheduled for Albany. The NBA exhibition game last year between the Celtics and Knicks was called off due to NBA labor issues and season failing to start until late December.

Anyone holding tickets for the Rangers-Devils contest, should the game be cancelled, can get an immediate refund for the purchase. An announcement could be coming as soon as this coming Wednesday.