The recent months have been difficult ones for Asian-Americans across the country.  Several high profile unwarranted attacks on Asian-Americans, many of them elderly, have been highlighted in the news on several different occasions.  Becasue of this, people have rallied in support of these Americans from coast to coast.  Such a rally is now scheduled to take place in Otsego County.

Organized by students and concerned citizens, the "Otsego Rally for Solidarity with Asian-Americans" will take place on Sunday May 2 at 2:00 pm on the front lawn of the Otsego County Courthouse in Cooperstown, New York.  The public is encouraged to come and stand in solidarity with our neighbors to support this cause,.

In a related note, the Fenimore Art Museum is exhibiting a series of photographs by the legendary Ansel Adams.  These photographs chronicle life in internment camps during World War II that held Japanese-American citizens.  Also, the student organizers of the rally have put together a display at 149 Main Street, Cooperstown, which highlights the contributions of Asian-Americans in our country through the years.

May is celebrated as Asian American and Pacific Island Heritage Month.  We applaud our county citizens for organizing this event and we hope it is well attended.

This is a rain or shine event.  Although this is an outdoor rally, all COVID-19 safety protocols will be adhered too.  All attendees are required to wear masks and to practice social distancing.

For more rally details CLICK HERE.

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