UHS Delaware Valley Hospital in Walton, NY was just made aware that, once again, a phone scam is underway saying they are from the hospital's billing office. According to a press release, the scenario of the phone call goes like this, the call is a recorded message and it states they are calling from the Delaware Valley billing office and they need to speak to you about your bill.

UHS Delaware Valley employees always identify themselves.  The billing department does not use recorded messages. All UHS Delaware Valley Hospital numbers appear on caller ID as either UHS, Delaware Valley Hospital, UHS Delaware Valley Hospital or UHS Primary Care so any calls you receive may be legitimate.  The hospital does have an automatic service that calls patients to remind them of their appointments or the need to make an appointment. However, in those calls, the department is also identified.

If you receive a call that you feel may not legitimate and it is in reference to a bill you may contact the hospital's billing office at either 607-865-2445 or 607-865-2194 to verify the information.  If you receive a call about any other topic and feel it’s not legitimate, please call the hospital’s main number at 607-865-2100.

As with all scamming calls, if you have any doubt about the authenticity of a call, just hang up. Never give any personal information to the caller.