For the layman, the concept of nuclear medicine imaging sounds pretty "Star wars."  But it is an important new tool in identifying abnormalities in the body's organs at a very early stage.  This new tool is available in many of the country's larger medical facilities.  And now it is coming to Walton!

UHS Delaware Valley Hospital (DVH) announced the addition of Nuclear Medicine imaging services, in partnership with Heart Care Imaging (HCI). The new expansion in radiology services is commonly offered at larger hospital systems. Nuclear Medicine allows physicians to see how various organs actually are functioning. Due to the ability to see the function versus just the anatomy of a particular organ, nuclear medicine can identify abnormalities very early in the process of a disease – long before many medical problems are seen with other types of imaging. Nuclear Medicine uses very small amounts of a tracer that the nuclear imaging cameras detect to provide exact images of the area of the body being examined. Nuclear medicine offers an accurate method for physicians and patients to manage their care.

“Nuclear Medicine helps me to accurately diagnose heart disease and keep my patients closer to home,” says Dr. Keyoor Patel, Cardiologist at UHS Heart Institute and its Delaware Valley Hospital location.

Among the issues which this imaging can unveil are heart defects, diagnosing some stomach and digestive complications, thyroid treatment plans,  evaluating bone pain from injury, joint replacement or cancer, investigating blood clots and shortness of breath, evaluating kidney functions, and much more.

For information call the hospital’s imaging department at 607-865-2126 or visit

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