Need to hit the reset button on your life but don't want to travel far? So many people are just looking for a nice, quiet getaway that is close to home and won't empty their wallet. I don't know about you but when it comes to investigating where and how to enjoy a little vacation time, it can be overwhelming with all the choices and ways of finding places online! It's hard to know where to start so forget about all that and take a look at some of the most unusual, peaceful places to stay in Otsego County, NY. You may be very surprised at what's available in practically your own backyard!

10 Most Unusual and Peaceful Airbnbs in Delaware and Otsego Counties

Get ready for a very peaceful, close-to-home getaway at some of Delaware and Otsego County's most unusual Airbnbs.

Get Away & Unwind at Your Own Private Spa in the Catskills

Need to place to get away and unwind? There's one place where you can do both in the Catskill Mountains. Book a 4 bedroom rental complete with your own spa