The Village of Oxford Tree Board met in the Oxford Village Hall to vote on the 2019 Arbor Day poster contest which students of Oxford Academy’s fifth grade recently participated in. The Oxford Village Tree Board, represented by John Godfrey, Gray Stevens, Jeanie Petersen, Sandy Dain, and Jean Curtis sponsor the contest annually on the local level of the Arbor Day Poster Contest.

Jeanie Petersen, Sandra Dain, John Godfrey, Gray Stevens, and Jean Curtis of the Oxford Village Tree Board, judging fifth grade poster entries for the Arbor Day Poster Contest.(Photo credit: Paula Crippen)

Oxford Academy’s fifth graders were invited to show off their artistic flare and science knowledge to demonstrate the poster theme. The theme, “Trees Are Amazing” was designed to increase the student’s understanding of the importance of trees in a community and how they affect the health and well being of our environment.
Some of the poster contest criteria included that they be original and only made by fifth graders. Poster entries could be done in marker, crayon, paint pens, watercolor, ink, acrylic, colored pencil, and/or tempera paint. The artworks had to be clear, related to the theme, use eye-catching colors, and have clarity of wording.

The fifth grade art classes of Charity Gipp, the Oxford Academy Middle School Art Instructor, entered the contest. Of these 42 entries, three place winners were selected. They will be announced at an award ceremony and party on Wednesday, April 10, at the Oxford Middle School attended by Steve Griffin, the Middle School Interim Principal. The students will be recognized and will participate in the Village Arbor Day ceremony on Saturday, April 27, starting at 9 a.m.

Visit to learn more about the Village of Oxford Tree Board. The Tree Board is looking for volunteers if you are interested in helping. Village residents are reminded to contact the Village Hall at (607) 843-2512 or if you are interested in a “street tree.”