The Otsego County Law Enforcement Academy will be hosting the yearly H.R. 218 firearms qualifications for retired Law Enforcement personnel. Active firearms instructors from the Otsego County Sheriff’s Office will be on hand to conduct the qualifications and provide successful participants with signed and dated qualification cards.

Information about the qualification and the necessary forms are available on our website under the S. 1132: Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act H.R. 218 section.…/s_1132_law_enforcement_offic…

Please read this section, including the available downloads, as all the information concerning the process, fees and the course of fire is outlined.

Make sure you download the H.R. 218 Checklist and you MUST have your current retired Law Enforcement picture credentials and a SIGNED Affidavit prior to firing the H.R.218 qualification course.

Dates for 2019:
September 21, 2019 – 0900 to 1100
October 12, 2019 – 0900 to 1100