In April 2018, the Otsego County Planning Department conducted an online housing needs
survey in collaboration with Timothy Peters, Executive Director for Otsego Rural Housing
Assistance, Inc.The survey covered both homeowners and renters. The purpose of
the survey was to develop fresh information and insight into how residents of Otsego County perceive their housing conditions and needs.

Karen Sullivan, Director of Otsego County’s Department of Planning and Solid Waste,
comments on the value of this survey:  "The survey yielded 374 total responses, which we find helpful in giving a broad picture of the housing situation in Otsego County. We look forward to using this data to better understand current and emerging housing issues in our county and to inform grant applications for state and federal funding. These survey results provide fresh evidence of the need for continued investment in the housing stock for low and moderate income Otsego County residents."

Some responses confirm expectations: 73% of survey respondents own their house and 82.1% of respondents list home ownership as extremely or moderately important; however, only 64.2% of respondents have full time employment. This gap highlights the challenge that low & moderate income residents face in making timely repairs to their homes.

Similarly, 76.5% of county residents report that they are satisfied with their current residence, but 50% report that they are unable to afford a move to another home.

Other notable responses include:
 14.5% of respondents rate the condition of their homes as “excellent.”
 27.6% of respondents rate the condition of their homes as “poor” or “needs immediate
 58% rated their home’s condition as “average.”
 17.9 % indicated their heating system was older than 20 years
 9.4% indicated their roofs were older than 20 years
 26.4% of respondents rate the condition of their doors and windows as “poor” or “needs
immediate attention.”
 Other features with relatively high “poor” or “needs immediate attention” ratings were
flooring (19.3%), roofs (13.3%), plumbing (13.1%), and accessibility (12.5%).
 In terms of home accessibility and needed modifications:
o 36.6% of respondents say their home needs or may need in the next five years a
wheelchair ramp
o 40.3% of respondents say their home needs or may need in the next five years an
accessible bathroom

The complete survey results will be posted shortly on the
county website at and ORHA’s website at