One of the most generous community grant programs in our county is now accepting applications.  The Community Foundation of Otsego County is making available more than $200,000 to be awarded in grant monies.  There are many foundations in our area that provide funds for groups and organizations and the Otsego County Community Foundation is a major one.

A large focus of the grant awards this year is for those community organizations struggling to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.  The Community Foundation of Otsego County COVID-19 Fund has four priorities addressing the health and financial impacts of the pandemic virus: 1) support first line defenders who risk their own health to deliver essential services to our community; 2) support those members of our community who have suffered from the virus either through health or finances; 3) provide resources to small businesses as they recover from the effects of the virus; and 4) address barriers that prevent Otsego County residents and those who work in the County from getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

The designated COVID 19 Fund totals $219,000 which was raised through the generosity of area residents and businesses.  More than 300 donors gave generously to the fund.  All of the $219,000 will be given out in approved award applications.

In addition to the program awards, the Otsego County Foundation also assist donors in issuing grants under Donor Advised Funds and Field of Interest Funds.

The 2021 Otsego Community Foundation Award Cycle is now accepting applications as well. Go to 2021 Awards Cycle for further information by CLICKING HERE.

A big thank you to the Otsego Count Community Foundation and all of its donors for providing much needed financial assistance to those who deserve it to make our area a better place for all to live.

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