Oneonta's National Weather Service Observer, David Mattice has informed us that as we have all suspected, June is chalking up to be a very wet month indeed!  So far this month, June has received five inches of rainfall which is double the typical amount for this month.  This news with a forecast that is less than promising for drying out.  In fact, rain is predicted through this Friday for our Central New York region.

Mattice is especially concerned about tomorrow's forecast with heavy rain predicted.  We could see as much as 2 inches of precipitation in one day!  This brings about the potential for flash flooding of rivers and creeks.  Mattice does warn people to be very mindful that river and creek banks are already saturated and can give way underneath a person standing on the bank, even many feet away from the water's edge.

Also, during heavy downpours when the potential for hydroplaning is great and visibility is very limited, slow down when traveling or avoid driving in it if possible.

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