Have you ever left a store without paying for an item? Even by mistake? I remember doing this with a 12-pack of soda that was under my carriage so I went back and paid for it. I just felt like such a dope. In 2022 intentional stealing is not only common, it's somewhat encouraged.

New York State Police are hoping that you can help them identify a man, they say, stole items from Walmart on Oneonta. Just walked out the front door with several items in his carriage. Why are some saying "so what" and "let him go"?

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Take a look at the picture below to see if you recognize the suspect in a recent Walmart robbery. The man is accused of walking out of the store without paying for several items. Police indicate that the man was not alone. Officers arrested 60-year-old Adele Brod but she has been unable to identify the man.

The New York State Police report states that the suspect ran into the woods behind Walmart and JC Penny but officers have not been able to locate the man. If you have any info please call 607-561-7400 and reference case 10967803.

Several interesting reactions can be found on the NYS Police Facebook page. Here are some of the quotes with many thinking this is no big deal. I wonder what your opinion is.

  • Really NY State Police? Making a big deal out of this. Not like he robbed a bank for god sakes. - Doris D.
  • Who cares under 500 dollars is a misdemeanor at best. - Jason W.
  • Times are tough let him be - Jaime I.
  • It’s a tax write off for Walmart let this man live a little - Mike K.

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