You are invited to a gathering of municipal employees and retirees of both the City and Town of Oneonta, along with employees of the Oneonta City School District on Wednesday, June 10 at 7 pm in the banquet hall of the Sixth Ward Athletic Club on West Broadway in Oneonta.

The purpose is to view a presentation of the benefits of cost savings, up to and including the consolidation of the Town and City of Oneonta. The PowerPoint presentation will take about 40 minutes. Questions and comments will be taken during the presentation. However, it is an informational meeting, not a debate session.

The event is sponsored by GO-EDC (The Greater Oneonta Economic Development Council) which is organized to promote general commercial and economic development, primarily within the geographic footprint of the City and Town of Oneonta. The program is not a meeting called by either the City or Town of Oneonta, nor any of their respective representatives.

Listen below as Leslie Ann interviews GO-EDC's Al Colone and Bill Shue.

For more information call 607-435-2174 (Al Colone) or email