Carrie Stevens Christoffresen, an Oneonta native and graduate of OHS, is the longtime Curator of Collections at one of America's most amazing museums, The Newseum.  Located at perhaps the choicest piece of property along Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. (except maybe the White House), the Newseum is a temple for news junkies and those interested in learning about America's (and the world's) historic news past.

"We like to think we have it all here," Carrie told me during a recent visit, "But of course that would be impossible."  But they sure give it a good try.

The museum is floor upon floor packed with some of the most jaw-dropping artifacts from the near and distant past you can imagine.  Space satellites?  Sure, just look up.  Videos of the JFK assassination?  Running in a small theater.  The suit and tie O.J. Simpson's was wearing when we all saw him acquitted on television?  Yes, behind glass.  Pulitzer Prize winning photographs?  Virtually everywhere.  Pieces of the Berlin Wall?  Yes, and a communist guard tower from the Checkpoint Charlie area of Berlin during the Cold War to boot.  Amazing.  And on and on it goes.

This is not heavy-lifting for those of us who enjoy trivia.  It is more like our candy store.  The facts and artifacts revealed at the Newseum are mind boggling.  As for me, I could (and did) spend the entire day here going from room to room, theater to theater, exhibit to exhibit just soaking it all in.

This is my favorite museum in Washington, D.C.  If you haven't been, put it on your bucket list.  You will love it.

Thanks to Oneontan Carrie Stevens Christoffersen for the behind the scenes tour.  I really enjoyed it!

Carrie is the daughter of well known Oneonta educator and local theater impresario Gary E. Stevens.

The Newseum/facebook
The Newseum/facebook