Go Fish!  With summer here and people looking for water, whether it is Upstate's great lakes or rivers or streams, the first of three "free fishing days" is coming up this weekend.  After a year of being pent up, out of work, out of school, and with our lives completely modified due to COVID, there is no better time than now to say "let's go fishing, and lets do it for free!"  The first Free Fishing Weekend is June 26, 27.

"As the school year closes out and the summer officially begins, the timing of New York's upcoming Free Fishing Weekend couldn't be better," Governor Cuomo said. "Whether you're returning to the angling as an expert, introducing a friend or family member, or casting a line for the very first time, Free Fishing Weekend is the perfect opportunity to experience firsthand all the benefits of fishing."

While it is hoped that everybody participates in this weekend fishing celebration, please remember the rules of the water.  "Free fishing" means that you are able to fish without purchasing a fishing license.  But all other times, a license is required and it is expected that anglers will follow all of the rules, laws and norms of fishing all the time.

The other "Free Fishing Weekend Days' for the rest of the year are September 25 (which is the official National Hunting and Fishing Day), and November 11 (which is Veterans Day).

For more information on New York's "Free Fishing Days," please visit the NYS website by clicking here.

Good luck to all the men and women of all ages who enjoy fishing, and may you catch "the big one" on Free Fishing Day!

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