You have so many wonderful places to stay overnight during your stay in Upstate New York.  We have swanky high-rise hotels, lavish golf resorts, beautiful lakeside retreats, and a whole lot more.

But lets talk off the grid for a minute.  I mean seriously off the grid.

Here is a list of ten unusual places to make your overnight stay in Upstate New York a real experience.

For starters how about sleeping on a canal boat?  An Erie Canal boat.  With your family and friends.  What a great way to enjoy this historic waterway and have some fun too as you drift along the canal, enjoying the scenery and experiencing the thrill of taking "your boat" through a lock!  Great stuff.

How about staying in a hotel where the rooms are themed to pay tribute to your old favorite TV shows.  Partridge Family room, perhaps?  A Flintstones room?  Maybe a Charlie's Angels room?  Check out the pictures.  They are a hoot.

Also on this list is the most haunted hotel in New York State, an old shirt factory in Medina that made shirts for politicians and Hollywood stars, or how about a real-life castle?  With suits of armor everywhere to watch over your party.  Great fun.

So check out this fun list and pick a place to get off the grid for an overnighter.  And you can't get more off the grid than staying in a tree house on top of a large boulder in the woods in the northern Adirondacks.  It even comes with an outdoor tub.

All of these destinations have a link to their website so you can book a weekend with ease.  Enjoy!

10 Of The Most Unique And Unusual Places to Stay Overnight in New York

Ready for an adventure? Here is a unique list of some unusual places to spend the night. Included are an Erie Canal boat, a former shirt factory, a hotel with TV-themed rooms, a treehouse in the woods, and the most haunted hotel in New York. Check it out.

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