Welcome to the First Friday in June, also known as National Doughnut Day.  Surprisingly enough, I have not yet celebrated this day for two reasons.  No one brought in doughnuts(I am lazy) and I'm on a much -needed diet.  Me trying to lose weight this time of year will be tough enough considering I will be spending a lot of time at the ballpark this summer.  That usually means cheeseburgers and lots of them.

When I'm talking about food, I get easily sidetracked.  Back to doughnuts!  Absolutely love them, all kinds.  So many great places to get doughnuts in the area and I will let you know about my two favorite.  This in no way discredits any place I don't mention, it means that I lead a sheltered life and probably never made it to that particular doughnut location.

When I think of Price Chopper, I don't think of doughnuts.  But, I am so glad I tried the doughnuts from the bakery at the Price Chopper in Oneonta.  I don't have a favorite because I have had outstanding luck with every single one that I have tried.  Some sort of frosting and a cream filling usually makes me the happiest.

Off to Cooperstown for my other favorite, Stagecoach Coffee.  Don't get me wrong, the almond croissants are magical but I go straight for the cinnamon covered old-fashioned doughnuts or the straight up old-fashioned ones.  Each bite is an experience.   After writing this, it will truly be a miracle if I make it through today without partaking in National Doughnut Day.

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