The annual St. Baldrick's Cancer research fundraiser in Norwich, NY to support childhood cancer research will be virtual this year with a live-streamed event on March 19 at 1:00 pm.

The sad fact is that according to, 1 in 5 children diagnosed with cancer will not survive, making fundraisers like this one in Norwich so important, with the ultimate goal - finding a cure for cancer. Speaking of goals, this year's fundraising goal has been set at $31,000. It currently stands at $12,209. Last year's goal was $30,000 and that goal was exceeded by over $8000.

On a national level, according to, during the pandemic, there was a significant reduction in donations for cancer research and organizers are hoping that area residents will donate to change that trend.


You can volunteer to have your head shaved and collect donations for doing that. You can also sponsor someone you know who is doing that, or you can just donate for the Norwich event here.

All funds raised go to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Everyone is invited to watch the Norwich event as it's live-streamed on March 19 to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. To do that, you can go to the St. Baldrick's - Norwich NY Facebook page.

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This event was also live-streamed last year. You can check it out below.

You don't have to be from Norwich to participate. Anyone can join in this wonderful fundraiser. Visit to check on the fundraising progress, learn about volunteering and donating.

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